Attention Band Members and Parents!


It is time for another yummy fundraiser! It is STRAWBERRY time!!!! You will be selling from January 20th until February 20th. You have an entire month to sell to everyone that you know!

The strawberries are $25 for a full flat (8 quarts) and $15 for a half flat (4 quarts). This is NOT written on your order form. Please write this on there. Also, please make sure your name and grade are on there legibly, as well as a good contact phone number.

This is a 50/50 fundraiser. Half of the profit from each sale will go to the student's CHARMS account.

There will be a cash prize to be given to the first and second place winners for the high school. This will be presented at the next concert. There will also be numerous small prizes given for every order form turned in with at least 5 full flats (or equal amount) during the sale. We will be collecting numerous times during the sale.

The strawberries should be delivered in the middle of March. Of course, this all depends on the fruit being ready for picking, so please be patient. Please watch the Munford Band website, Facebook page, email or Remind for updates on fruit delivery. Pick-up will be at the high school’s home side entrance to the football field, when the time is set.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Click here to download the order form